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5 Common Injuries in an Auto Accident

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Getting into a vehicular accident is traumatizing and can be physically debilitating. On some occasions, this can result in permanent physical injury or even death. There is distress from fear of going through the trauma all over again and anxiety for your own or your loved ones’ safety.

While it may not be the best time for you to articulate the injury you may have incurred during an auto accident, there will be people from the community who will be needing information on the nature of the accident in the days to come. Your local police station and personal insurance provider, in particular, will want to find out what happened and shed light on the incident.

It would be good to have a car accident injury lawyer by your side before you release information to anyone. You will be advised by your lawyer, in keeping with your best interests, when and what to answer, if to answer, at all. Having one will also help you when you are seeking compensation from the injuries you sustained, whether it be for medical expenses incurred, physical and psychological damages, or loss of income because of the accident.

If your head is still reeling from the trauma, it might be quite difficult to explain to anyone, even to yourself, the medical implications of your accident.

To help you identify which among them you may have sustained, here are some of the injuries commonly incurred during a vehicular accident, as compiled by the American Bankruptcy Institute:

  1. Soft tissue injuries

This pertains to injuries on muscles and ligaments. Whiplash, caused by strong and sudden inertia to the head and neck muscles, is an example.

  1. Scrapes and cuts

Sharp objects that get thrown with high velocity during an auto accident can tear skin and cause scrapes and cuts. While scrapes are shallow, deeper cuts that bleed profusely should receive immediate medical attention.

  1. Head injuries

Head injury

Head injuries are dangerous especially if the brain is affected. While a mild concussion is nothing to worry about, a strong impact on the head can cause an internal brain hemorrhage. This can result in permanent brain damage or even death.

  1. Chest injuries

Like head injuries, chest injuries can range from mild to severe. Bruises and contusions are considered mild injuries. When the impact is strong, however, this can cause severe injuries to internal organs that can result in internal hemorrhage.

  1. Arm and leg injuries

Scrapes, bruises, and broken extremities can occur during a vehicular accident. In more extreme cases, amputation of a limb may be necessary. Loss of a limb can result in permanent disability and loss of livelihood.

Regardless of the injury you may or may not have, being in a vehicular accident necessitates that you seek immediate medical attention. You will also want your physician or surgeon to discuss with you the extent of your injuries so you can have a plan of action as soon as you are discharged from the hospital. This will help your life get back on track and prepare you for the days to come.

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