Common Questions Your Personal Injury Lawyer Will Ask You

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When you consult a personal injury lawyer, be prepared to answer several questions to help them understand your case thoroughly. Here are some common questions your personal injury lawyer will likely ask you:

Details of the Incident: Your lawyer will want to know the specifics of how the injury occurred. This includes the date, time, and location of the incident, as well as any factors or individuals involved.
Nature and Extent of Injuries: Describe the injuries you sustained in the incident.

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This includes both physical and psychological injuries. Be detailed about the symptoms you are experiencing and any medical treatments you have undergone.
Medical History: Your lawyer will inquire about your medical history, including any pre-existing conditions or prior injuries that may be relevant to your case. This information helps them assess how the incident has impacted your health.
Witnesses: If there were any witnesses to the incident, your lawyer will want to know their names and contact information. Witness testimonies can provide crucial evidence to support your claim.
Communication with Insurance Companies: Have you communicated with any insurance companies regarding the incident? Your lawyer will need to know the details of any conversations or correspondence with insurance adjusters to understand the current status of your claim.
Documentation: Your lawyer may ask if you have any documentation related to the incident, such as police reports, medical records, or photographs of the scene. These documents can strengthen your case.
Financial Impact: Explain how the injury has affected you financially, including any medical expenses, lost wages, or other financial losses you have incurred as a result of the incident.
Legal Goals: Finally, your lawyer will discuss your goals for pursuing legal action. Whether you seek compensation for damages or want to hold the responsible party accountable, understanding your objectives helps your personal injury lawyer tailor their approach to your case.
By providing detailed and accurate answers to these questions, you can help your personal injury lawyer build a strong case on your behalf.

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