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Essential Tasks for Regularly Cleaning Your Car

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Having a clean car is more than just looking good and not feeling ashamed to park in a public setting; it’s about functionality and efficiency. If your vehicle isn’t maintained well, you’ll see performance issues crop up much sooner and more frequently than they would in a well-kept ride. Some people may feel too busy or hassled to be meticulous about their car.

In that case, it’s good to keep these easy car maintenance pointers handy so that you don’t have to sacrifice proper function for convenience.

  • Keep some cleaning microfiber towels handy.

A car’s interiors can get messy as it is, with dirt and dust accumulating over time whether you drive out very often. In polluted areas, this build-up happens even faster. On top of that, junk and gunk can collect throughout the car that makes it less comfortable to be in.

With a lot of crumbs and bits here and there, they can even affect the filters in your cooling system, and you might have a tough time sitting still in long drives. To avoid having to use liquid and to easily get the grime off the insides of your vehicle quickly, have cleaning microfiber towels within reach. This way, you can wipe everything up immediately and make sure you get those little sediments that can be bothersome when they gather. That is easy maintenance that makes it less of a task to do. It is especially useful since a survey of car owners revealed that only five in ten drivers regularly clean their cars and end up having to panic-hide trash when others ride with them.

  • Do quick exterior rinses often.

cleaning car exterior

People don’t always get to bring their cars for a decent wash, either because of distance, time constraints, or budgetary limits. To tide your vehicle by and make the most of a full wash when you get it, give your car a quick rinse when the day is over.

You don’t even need to use a soapy mixture. If you have access to a hose with good water pressure, let a stream of water give your ride a nice glaze over to get rid of any dust and small sediments that have latched on from the day. Doing this can also help if you decide to deep clean it eventually, as vehicle-friendly soap can latch on better and avoid making markings with your sponge if you start on an already-rinsed surface.

  • Brush out your air vents

Clogged or malfunctioning ventilation can be a real pain, especially when you have long drives ahead of you. The kicker is also the price you have to pay with repairs and cleaning when it reaches this point. So an easy way to prevent all that is to brush your vents regularly.

Whether you use an auto brush or a paintbrush for these purposes, it’s an easy task that you can do before you hit the road. It can help you keep the vents clear of dust and reach into the spaces that may otherwise be unreachable. Though you only need to do this once every month or so, it’s a small tool that you can keep handy, especially if you find that your vents are dustier than usual.

With these ideas, you can keep your car spic and span for some time. Doing so will also lessen the things that deep cleaning will get rid of once you avail of this service.

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