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Health and Wellness Business Ideas to Start in 2021

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Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, the health and wellness industry has been steadily a lucrative business. A report by the Global Wellness Institute in 2018 has reported that it is worth $4.2 trillion. Fueled by the younger generation’s fascination with fitness, it is projected to grow even more in the coming years.

If you are passionate about wellness and want to enter a lucrative business, then consider entering this industry. So what are the best health and wellness business ideas to start this 2021? Let us find out.

Personal Trainer

If you have a passion for exercise or helping others achieve their fitness goals, then you might consider becoming a personal trainer. There are plenty of resources online to help you become a personal trainer and get a certification. A certified personal trainer could earn over $33,539.

Massage Therapist

Another lucrative health and wellness business you might consider is massage therapy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a massage therapist is around $41,420. You may also consider opening a physical therapy business if you want to work for people recovering from physical injuries.

Health & Wellness Coach

Being a health coach is more than just giving gym training. It is part of a health coach’s duty to help clients learn about proper nutrition and overcoming obstacles concerning overall health and wellness. Although there is no requirement for having a certification, it helps increase your marketability.

One major advantage of starting a career as a health and wellness coach is enjoying a flexible schedule. You may opt either to do one-on-one coaching or a group coaching program. You may also work either in-person or online.

Health & Wellness Product Seller

Want to go into the health and wellness business but do not want any gym work involved? Then you might want to consider selling health and wellness products. There is plenty of network marketing and franchises that offer these items, which you can sell at home.

Make sure though you have done your research thoroughly to ensure these goods meet all regulatory requirements.

Personal Chef

Many people wanted to eat right, but with a busy schedule, they do not have the time to implement a healthy eating plan. Those with the necessary income may hire a personal chef who will prepare them delicious and nutritious meals. ;

If you have a knack for making healthy food and have clients nearby, consider starting this business.

personal chef

Yoga Instructor

You may also consider becoming a yoga instructor if you have the knack to perform and instruct this art correctly. All you need is a large open space and a distraction-free environment. You may opt to rent out a place in your local downtown area or meet your clients in a public space.

Accordingly, a yoga instructor can earn around $30 per hour.

Alternative Medicine Seller

If you want a health and wellness business with an edge, consider breaking into the alternative medicine business. Although there are legal and financial challenges involved, plenty of lenders are willing to help these startup companies.

Fitness Franchise Owner

It is unnecessary to create an original business idea to be successful in the health and wellness industry. If there is already an existing gym franchise that you are fond of, you may opt to open one near your location. With a strong brand and supportive team to back you up, you will surely succeed in this industry.

Health & Wellness Blogger

If you enjoy writing and consider yourself an expert in health and wellness, you might want to start a blog focusing on all things related to health and wellness. With the help of social media platforms and your strong blog content, you may land amazing ad deals and sponsorships.


You might also want to consider a career leaning on the Traditional Chinese Medicine side through acupuncture. This ancient Chinese holistic therapy focuses on stimulating specific points in the body using thin needles.

Before you can open up this business, though, you would need extensive training to do this procedure safely. Acupuncture can also complement other health and wellness therapies such as massage, coaching, and aromatherapy.

Corporate Wellness Consultant

Even companies nowadays are into the health and wellness of their employees. If you are up for trading your nine-to-five job to flexible entrepreneurship, then you might consider becoming a corporate wellness consultant. Help businesses improve the health of their workers by coaching, programs, and workshops.

The possibilities are endless in the health and wellness industry. As new challenges on our health arise, new business opportunities also open up. So keep an open mind, and you may even create a new business in this industry.

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