12 Ways to Help Individuals Affected by the Coronavirus

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The country continues to work towards fully recovering from the coronavirus pandemic day in and day out. However, this time, many individuals have now taken it upon themselves to provide support and relief in their own ways.

Here are 12 ways to support yourself, your loved ones, and your local community:

Work with Charities and Nonprofit Organizations

Show your support to a cause you care about. Help out at nonprofit organizations that strive to reduce homelessness, find parents the right child support lawyers, or assist individuals who are disabled. A helping hand may be just what they need to lift their heads up and get back on track.

Reconnect with Nature


Take the time to breathe in the fresh air and rejuvenate in the middle of the day. You can even take it a step further and enjoy a short walk around the block or at the nearest park. Meanwhile, homebodies may cultivate their green thumb and plant a little garden outside their homes.

Help Food Banks

Individuals who had their work interrupted and projects delayed may face deductions in their salary. Consider donating canned goods, toiletries, and other essentials to assist them. Alternatively, you can volunteer at your chosen organization to speed up their operations.

Set up Home Technology Solutions

Call your friends and loved ones to ease any developing feelings of loneliness. Check on them and offer to catch up more regularly. Consider offering to assist them with any of their existing or future tech concerns to encourage further connections.

Start Mentoring

Mentoring is one way to give invaluable lessons to the community. Consider sharing your time and expertise with individuals who have just started working on their careers. Likewise, you can also help students explore potential career options by answering questions on popular forums.

Donate Blood

save a life

Blood banks continue to require more blood, plasma, and platelets. If you’re eligible, consider giving your blood to the nearest blood bank or donation drive. Extra precautions are implemented to avoid coronavirus infections while on this essential trip.

Support a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)

Everyone deserves health care, especially individuals with low incomes or who have lost their jobs and, consequently, their health insurance. Make contributions to the nearest FQHC or other safety-net clinics to keep them stocked with essentials for those in need. These include masks, alcohol and hand sanitizers, personal protective equipment, and other supplies.

Purchase Gift Cards from Local Establishments

Your favorite independent bookstores, restaurants, cafes, and other local businesses may be running low on funds due to the pandemic’s economic impact. Buying a gift card today could help them continue their operations or reopen if they need to shut down temporarily.

Spread Good Cheer

Given the amount of negative and heavy news circulating online, showing a little kindness can go a long way. Tell jokes that could make your friends laugh. Send thank-you notes to the people in your life that you appreciate. In doing so, you could leave a positive effect on them in your own little way.

Share Accurate Information

sharing information

Rumors and false information can easily spread across all social media platforms. Check whether the news or stories you read come from reliable sources before sharing them on your profiles. Stay up to date to make sure the information you relay to friends and family remains relevant.

Drop off Groceries

Some individuals who have not gotten vaccinated yet may still be unable to leave their own homes. Help them stock up on their food and other essentials. Ask for their grocery lists and offer to shop for them. When you’re done, you can easily drop off fresh produce and other pantry staples at their front door.

Establish a Routine

Staying home can easily disorient you from your previous routine. Block off specific time frames for your activities, whether alone or with your family, to form better habits and routines within your household. This includes properly designating enough time for work or study, exercise, and getting enough sleep at the end of the day.

Providing Enough Support

Learning how to healthily provide stress relief and support to yourself and the community is easily one of the most valuable skills you can have today. Pat yourself on the back for contributing to the recovery of the country, regardless of whether you choose to contribute tangible goods or your time and energy to a specific cause. A little effort and dedication to these 12 activities can surely boost the country towards a brighter future.

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