Helping the Less Fortunate Members of Society during the Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to put everyone’s resilience to the test, especially those of the people who belong in the marginalized sectors. Of course, despite the ongoing rollout of vaccines around the world, it’ll still take some time before everything can somehow return to normal. And this is a challenge for them, mainly because they lack the monetary means to keep themselves protected.

Luckily, governments and local organizations are now creating various programs that aim to provide the help and care that they need as the days pass. So as a member of society, if you have the time and extra resources, then you may want to consider participating in such causes to extend a helping hand.

Get to Know Your Community

Giving back to the less fortunate would not only allow you to put a smile on someone else’s face, but it may also open your eyes to a bigger reality. Of course, we all face problems daily, whether it be a personal issue at home or something that you need to address at work. However, you should also take a moment to acknowledge the fact that there are other people who are going through a much harder time than you are.

But this does not imply that the challenges you face are invalid. Rather, it should help widen your perception regarding the current state of our society. By doing this, you may get to develop better cultural sensitivity, which is what can urge you to become a source of strength for others.

Find a Way to Contribute


For starters, you could choose to donate what you can to your local community, especially since donation drives and fundraising campaigns are usually the focus of organizations nowadays. It could either be old clothes, extra food, money, or other essentials that you can spare.

If you have the time, then you may even offer your services by becoming a volunteer. Of course, immersing yourself in such an experience can provide you with different kinds of lessons, while also allowing you to gain a newfound purpose. And all those combined could potentially improve your overall well-being as well.

Create a Program

Eventually, you may want to take on a bigger role and organize your own program. But since this would be a lengthy process, you should consult with your local leaders beforehand and ask for their approval. Of course, it is a good thing that you want to help out, but you should first know how to identify what the needs of the majority are.

For instance, if you notice that there are many children in your community, then you could pitch an idea to host a toy or a book drive. Since classes are now taking place virtually, you may also focus on raising funds for gadgets. This would be beneficial, especially for those kids who lack access to technology and are having a hard time accomplishing their school work from their homes.

Upon having it approved and securing the necessary permits, you can proceed to creating social media accounts to spread the word because there may be individuals who are interested in donating to such programs as well. Along with that, you may even reach out to business owners within your area and ask if they are willing to partner up with you or at least offer discounts for bulk purchases, whether it be a shop that repairs cell phones or laptops, or a small business that can provide supplies that kids would need in their studies.

Discovering a Bigger Purpose

Personal and professional challenges would always be a part of life. But instead of considering these as factors that hold you back, you should take them as a way to appreciate what you have because despite going through such obstacles, you still manage to rise above the situation, which is something that not a lot of people can do.

Take the global pandemic as an example. Once schools and companies adjusted to a remote setup, there were people who lacked the financial means to move forward. And up to this day, you may still be witnessing the same scenario.

So as much as possible, you should find the time to give back in whatever way you can, whether by donating extra essentials, becoming a local volunteer, or putting up your own program. Because even if you don’t notice it at first, doing these are what may help you develop a better sense of understanding and appreciation as the days pass, which is what can eventually allow you to discover a bigger purpose in life as well.

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