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Security Measures to Safeguard Your Corporate Email Better

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A company’s corporate email can hold sensitive and confidential information about the business. Failure to secure the business email can lead to loss of pertinent contact details, clients personal information, and other crucial business data. If you’re not careful, you can end up not losing only data but your reputation as well.

The good news is that there are email security measures that you can impose to avoid hackers from gaining access to your email. The following are the dos and don’ts every business should never take for granted:

Invest in Office 365 email protection

Many companies have already made the choice to migrate their emails to Office 365. It is a cost-effective way to manage your company email better and boost productivity. But it needs some protection against data loss and security breaches. To ensure that your business email is compliant, has a reliable backup, and is secured, invest in Office 365 email protection.

Don’t take spam emails lightly

Business emails are not exempted from receiving spam emails sent in bulk by hackers. Opening such malicious emails can compromise your email, and the bad guys can have access to whatever information is stored in your email. What you can do is to mark the email as spam. Don’t reply to spam emails and never unsubscribe to a spam email. All employees who often receive spam emails should report to your IT department so that they can help filter out future emails with the same content.

Check the hyperlinks before clicking

Many employees would not think twice when clicking a hyperlink found within email messages. This is a big no-no; you may end up entering a suspicious page. Let all the employees know that it is a must that they test if the hyperlink is safe before clicking. One can do this by hovering the cursor over the link. They can see the real URL behind the hyperlink. If the URL looks suspicious, then it is best to mark it as junk or spam.

Don’t forget to double-check files that contain double extensions

Some emails will contain files attached to the email. Simply trusting the sender and opening the file should never be the case, as the file could be malware in disguise. Always check a RAR or ZIP file before opening and see if it is with double extensions. If the file name has a “.exe,” it is best to report this to your IT personnel.

Check the sender’s email closely

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Many malicious actors are so good in portraying some valuable contacts that they would send you emails with email addresses that seem legitimate. But if you take a closer look, you’ll find that there is a tiny detail missing or added to make the email address look real. For instance, one of your clients uses the email “” You may receive an email from “” or “” instead. Always take a closer look at the email address and double-check previous emails to compare if the new email you have received is legit.

When it comes to your corporate email, simple habits can make a big difference in improving your security. Enforcing strict email security rules within your company is always a must. Also, it pays to invest in added protection and not only rely on your cloud-based subscription service.

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