Spruce Up You Home This Spring With These Upgrades

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If you’re looking into spring home remodeling once the weather gets warmer, there are some things to consider doing in your home. These are especially important if you want to give your home a spruce-up that you know it needs this year. These upgrades will help you protect your home for years so that you save more money in the long run on maintenance services that could be expensive.

Install a New Roof

One of the most important things you should do as a homeowner is consider replacing your roof for spring home remodeling. Over time, your roof will start to wear down, and it can cause significant damage to your home, with water damage getting down in the attic and the home’s walls. This could lead to bad cases of mold and rotting of the wood throughout the home. If you’ve undergone several roof repairs over the years and your roof is aging into the late teens or twenties, it’s time to replace it.

Whether you want a total roof replacement or you want to have parts of your roof repaired, you can reach out to your local roofing contractors for a quote and to see exactly what your roof needs are. They can give you a quote on a new roof or a repair service, depending on how bad the damage is. Many of these contractors offer different types of roofs, allowing you to choose between the traditional options or some of the metal roofs that are growing in popularity.

Hire an Arborist

The trees you have on your property are some of the best features, but it’s important to know how to care for them properly to continue growing and remaining healthy. One of the best ways to get an understanding of what’s needed is to hire an arborist and take advantage of spring home remodeling. They can come onto your property and identify the tree, its age, and its current health condition. Based on their recommendations, you can determine if you need to trim the trees or remove them if they have died or are in the process of dying.

Hiring a contractor for a tree trimming service can protect your home during this process. Some trees are large and oversized, making it harder to attempt to trim on your own. Also, you could cause damage to your home or property if you’re not trimming the tree properly. Some trees should be trimmed a certain way so that they grow healthy. If you trim them the wrong way, they could be exposed to infection and infestation, which could kill them and force them to be removed from the property altogether.

Build an Outdoor Spa

The purpose of your home should be that it’s your happy space and where you’re the most comfortable. When you’re doing some spring home remodeling this year, consider adding an outdoor spa to your deck or patio. The addition of an in-home spa is something that you can enjoy throughout most of the year, and get to enjoy without having to worry about strangers being in the same space and sharing the water.

In addition to this hot tub, consider adding a steam room or space where you can enjoy a weekly facial and have your pores opened up. This can help with the quality of your skin, and help you relax for the week ahead. Improving your home with the addition of a spa will improve the overall value of the property and you will want to spend more time in your own space. Being able to make your home uniquely yours is a way to really embrace this year and take advantage of the space.

Upgrade Your Siding

If you really want to do a spruce up on your home during the spring home remodeling projects you have planned, then upgrading your siding should be added to the list. Vinyl and brick have been the two most popular types of siding for homes for many years. Being able to have these sidings updated with new pieces is done with siding installed by contractors who are familiar with this process. However, there are several new options out there that homeowners are considering making a change to as a way to improve the look of their home.

Some of the newer home options have taken advantage of over the last few years is the hardy board siding that is engineered to be stronger than vinyl, more durable, and also an affordable option to consider. Other types of newer siding include engineered wood and vinyl options that have more of an appearance of these materials but are stronger than the traditional options. They can hold up against environmental factors and last for many years, making them a good investment if you’re looking to update your siding in the near future.

Install New Gutters

When you go to clean your gutters this year as a part of your spring cleaning routine, you may find yourself adding new gutters to the list of spring home remodeling instead. Over time, these gutters start to break down, get holes in them, and just need to be replaced. Based on the type of winter you just experienced, you could get up there to clean them out and find that they aren’t in a condition to stay on through the showers of the spring months.

When you purchase new gutters for your home, make sure you have gutter guards installed so that you can do less cleaning in your gutters. These guards will prevent the leaves and large debris from getting in the gutters and causing a clog. This will allow your gutters to work appropriately, and prevent damage to your home, and you may even have your gutters last a long time with this addition. You still should check them several times a year, but the large pieces of debris aren’t getting into the gutters and causing damage, forcing them to crack or clog when you need them to be working at their very best.

Install Solar Panels

It’s time to make a step in a new direction in terms of energy when you take on spring home remodeling. Even if you don’t replace your entire system, make sure you add solar panels to your home and start generating energy that way. You can use it to power certain parts of your home or any new additional buildings you may have on the property that need power running to it. Solar panels absorb energy from the sun and then store it in these systems for use in designated areas.

Solar companies can come out to your property and provide you with a quote about their products. Depending on if you want full dependency, or if you want to supplement your energy with a solar panel, they will assess the property and the needs you have for it. If you’re planning on adding a new addition to the home or a new building, this is a good time to get into solar energy. Once you become familiar with it, you may consider using it for all your power sources and only need your current utility energy whenever there isn’t enough solar power stored to power your home.

Install an HVAC

One of the first things you need to look at during spring home remodeling is an HVAC system and having it serviced. The strong weather from the winter months and then the potentially extreme heat that you can get can cause your HVAC system to stop working properly. If you don’t have it repaired during the spring when an HVAC contractor can get out there quickly, you might have to wait some time later.

Each year, you should have an HVAC contractor come out to your home and inspect this system, especially once it starts to get up in age. They can check the lines, vents, and other parts in the outdoor system to see if you need anything replaced. It is much easier to do this in the spring than in the summer or winter when extreme weather can cause the system to work extra hard.

If you aren’t sure you need an HVAC contractor, there will be a few signs that something is happening with your system. First, you may find that the system is on around the clock. This isn’t normal and is a sign that something isn’t working in the system because it thinks it has to work very hard. The next will be the temperature coming through the vents not matching what you’ve got on the thermostat. At that point, an element has gone out and needs to be repaired. Finally, the system just may not come on at all. That is a good sign that you need a technician as soon as you can access the property.

Get a New Well

If you purchased an existing property or built your home, but have been there more than ten years, you may need to add a new well to your spring home remodeling this year. When you have a new well drilled, you can get the well drilling contractor to dig it deeper than you had previously so that you can access the best water down below. Some homeowners purchase properties, realize they have a shallow well, and want to change that immediately.

If you’ve started to notice that your water isn’t clear and you’re getting a lot of hard water in the home, then it’s time to drill a new well for sure. Hard water is full of minerals that will stain your clothes, appliances, and home sinks with the minerals coming through the system. Shallow wells were likely dug because they were cheaper, but there is damage that they can cause to a home over some time.

Remodel Your Garage

If you want to remodel a real spring home, change that carport into a full garage. Several years ago, carports were all the rage, but going back to garages and having updated garage doors installed on these properties is a trend. They can be controlled with remotes and apps now, which makes them a security feature that your home needs. By reaching out to a garage door company, they can add the door once the remodel is ready for a door, matching the size you need and having it keyed so that only you and your family members can access this space.

You may already have a garage and want to update the door. If the garage door is at least ten years old, it is a good practice to have the door updated. Hackers have found ways to access some of the older models, so you want to make sure you have a door that is secure physically as well as electronically. If your garage door has suffered damage from a storm or being hit, this is also a good time to make the change.

Build an Extension

Instead of buying a whole new home for more room, consider building an extension on your home for this year’s spring home remodeling projects you have planned. With the cost of materials slowly decreasing, you can reach out to a home builder and have them help you with designs and a quote on the project. If you have enough land to build out or up, you can extend for an additional bedroom, living space, or multi-purpose area that your kids can enjoy. Whatever space you decide to make, it’s always a good idea to add full bath to this space for comfort.

Are You Ready For Spring Home Remodeling?

Everyone has a different budget for their home remodeling, but if yours is extensive enough, consider taking on one or more of these projects this spring. They will not only protect your home, but they will also improve its overall value. The best thing about all these different projects, however, is how they will improve the quality and function of your home so that you enjoy the time you spend in this space. Continue to make your home your own when you take on these projects.

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