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Sustainability and Personal Hygiene: Personal Grooming the Sustainable Way

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Sustainability is one thing most people are interested in. We want to do our part in saving the planet even if it means making a few sacrifices. This usually means making lifestyle decisions while thinking of ways to reduce our impact on the environment. To truly embrace sustainability is to make sure everything you do in favor of the environment. This includes your everyday habits, including your personal grooming.

Each month, we use tons of products just to make sure we look and feel good. Sadly, these are also some reasons why we spend too much money and produce so much waste. Thankfully, there are many ways you can make your personal hygiene more sustainable, like the following:

Stop Wasting Water

Water plays a huge role in everyone’s personal hygiene. We use this to brush our teeth, wash our face, and take a bath. One can’t start their day without using water.

But then, many of us waste too much water. This is thanks to the water habits we have grown accustomed to. This is why the first step towards sustainable grooming is to reduce your water usage.

For one, it pays to fix leaky faucets and make sure there are no broken pipes around the house. If possible, switch to low-flow water fixtures. This will help ensure you make use of a lesser amount of water every time you turn on the shower or faucet.

Use a cup of water instead of using the tap when brushing your teeth. Lower shower time and run shallower baths. Hand towels to dry and consider installing water aerators.

Be Conscious When Shopping for Hygiene and Beauty Products

Every time you shop, choose products with less plastic packaging. As much as possible, eliminate every product that is designed for single-use. Also, it would be best if you can find beauty products that are built with the environment in mind.

As much as possible, stick to reusable products. This includes washcloths,  rechargeable hair removers, plastic-bud alternatives, and menstrual cups. Buying these products can greatly reduce your waste and help you increase your savings in the long run.

Think of bamboo razors, organic moisturizers, and shampoo bars. There now exist many hygiene and beauty products that are eco-friendly. Manufacturers make use of environment-friendly packaging and natural ingredients to reduce their product’s environmental impact.

You also have the option to create your own natural cosmetics. Some ingredients can already be found in your kitchen. You can actually save money and make safe cosmetics with the right precautions.

Another alternative is to find yourself a reliable private label manufacturer of hair products. They can help you realize your goal of producing your own hair products that you can then sell to others. You get to partner with a reliable team of experts to create sustainable products that you can sell to other eco-conscious consumers.

Choose Your Brands Wisely

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Before you choose any product, be sure to check the label. Some products claim they are 100% organic. But when you check the ingredients, they make use of the same chemicals that are harmful to the planet.

For best results, do a bit of research on what your favorite brands are doing to help the environment. Did they recently make any changes to commit to a sustainable process? Are they now offering organic products and turned to eco-friendlier packaging options?

Don’t simply listen to what brands claim they are doing to be more sustainable. Other brands are guilty of greenwashing, a practice of deceiving customers into thinking their business is more environmentally sound.

It is best to stick to brands that are transparent in their green efforts. Check if they really practice what they preach. Thankfully, online research makes it easier to find out if you are patronizing a sustainable brand or not.

Stick to a Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalism encourages you to let go of any unnecessary items in your life. More often than not, our vanity and bathroom cabinets are filled with products after products. In reality, you only use a handful of these while expired items are hiding somewhere in your cabinet.

When you embrace a minimalist lifestyle, you will find it easier to let go of your hygiene and beauty products you barely use. You will have more space and less clutter to think of. The easier it is to clean your bathroom and vanity, the more time you will have for self-care.

You can start by clearing your cabinets of the items you no longer use and are already nearing their expiration date. You can simply donate or sell old items you no longer need. The next time you find yourself shopping, ask yourself if you will really finish using that product before you even pay for it.

Sometimes, a sustainable lifestyle is easier than it seems. It does require you to be more mindful of your habits. But then, the earlier you start sustainable grooming habits, the easier it will for you to adopt these environment-friendly practices.

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