The Basics of Cold Laser Therapy

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If you’ve been suffering pain or inflammation, you may want to consider cold laser therapy. This video explains what it is and what it can do for you.

Cold laser therapy is essentially a beam of photon energy that affects the body on a cellular level.

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It removes waste while rebuilding newer, healthier cells. It increases blood flow while decreasing scar tissue. The process itself is fairly painless. At most, the patient will feel a slight increase of warmth in the site. No long term side effects have been noted. The treatment time itself is very brief, no more than five or ten minutes. How long it will be until the patient feels results from the treatment will vary based on the severity of the injury. Generally, it can take anywhere from six to twelve sessions. Common conditions treated by cold laser therapy include tennis elbow, acute low back pain, knee tendonitis, or rotator cuff injuries. It can be helpful for many other injuries and conditions that lead to pain and inflammation.

Cold laser therapy is an innovative way of healing minor injuries. If you don’t suffer from light sensitivity, you should feel no pain or lingering side effects from the procedure. Discuss with your doctor if cold laser therapy is right for you.

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