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Top Small- and Medium-Scale Pandemic Business Options for Communities

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COVID-19 not only tested the limits of what local leaders and health care workers around the world can do but also how business owners in different industries can cope with the challenges posed by the pandemic. Startup businesses in local communities are particularly vulnerable to the ill effects of the global crises since they are only beginning to establish partnerships with suppliers, attract new customers, and basically just try to get their solid footing in a highly competitive industry.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost for these budding local entrepreneurs since many of them possess a resilient and go-getter attitude. They also know that every crisis will eventually end and that there are always opportunities for them to start anew. With such a fighting spirit, there’s definitely a silver lining awaiting them once the pandemic is all over.

1. Handcrafted products.

The pandemic opened the doors for skilled craftsmen, artisans, and even hobbyists to create handcrafted products like bags and home decors and sell them online on websites such as Etsy. If you have community members who happen to be gifted in making handicrafts, then you can employ them as a way of giving back to the community. This way, you’re not only ensuring that your business survives and thrives amid such a trying time but you’re also becoming an instrument for fellow community members to find gainful employment during the pandemic.

2. Clothing.

Clothing is an essential need for people even with a pandemic, which is why it’s another excellent business venture to consider getting into. You can offer printing services for t-shirts, jackets, and other clothing items using top-caliber heat press machines and heat transfers from reliable manufacturers such as Insta Graphic Systems. Even as COVID-19 ends, your business will surely have ready customers given how essential clothing is for practically everyone.

3. Pet products.

Pet adoptions during COVID-19 saw a jaw-dropping 700 percent spike, which was attributed to people’s desire to have pet companions as they battle the psychological effects of the crisis. Expectedly, businesses that offer pet products such as clothing, food, and treats saw tremendous sales increase. If you want a viable business option these days, then be sure to consider selling pet items online or through a small physical stall in your neighborhood.

woman working4. Cleaning services.

Commercial cleaning services, particularly those that offer disinfection of high-traffic premises, also saw great demand from business owners. Schools and universities also paid for such service providers to make sure that their facilities are thoroughly disinfected. The seed fund for such a business is relatively within most entrepreneurs’ reach, so it should be a great option to add to your list.

5. Online store.

E-commerce is already big even before the onset of COVID-19 but it only grew even bigger when the pandemic began. It proved to be pretty resilient until now, so you should consider setting up an online store soon. You’ll only need to do some research on the products that people buy frequently these days and offer them on your online store.

6. Delivery/courier services.

Delivery and courier services are another big hit during the start of the pandemic and even until now. As many people didn’t want to risk being infected with the deadly virus, they began relying heavily on businesses that provide delivery services for their medicines, groceries, and other essential needs. If you will operate locally, this should be a pretty easy business to set up as you’ll only need permits, vehicles, and delivery personnel to start operating.

7. Meal preps.

Food is yet another vital requirement of people who are staying at home due to the pandemic, so it should be added to your list. As people tend to ditch the idea of eating at restaurants or make frequent trips to the supermarket to buy ingredients for their meals, they opt to just order food from meal prep companies. If you happen to be a foodie yourself, then this should be a fun and profitable venture for you.

8. Gardening supplies/nursery.

The home gardening industry also experienced a sudden boom during the pandemic as homeowners turned to grow plants and vegetables to sustain themselves or stay busy. As such, you can capitalize on this boom and open a local gardening supply store or a nursery. This won’t need a big capital, so you should be operational within a week or two.

If you’re a first-time local business owner or you’re thinking of reinventing your business, perhaps switching to a new one, these are the top business options that you should consider.

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