Transform Your Staircase With Square Noses and Wood Flooring

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Revamping your staircase can bring a refreshing change to your home’s aesthetic, and a popular choice for this transformation is engineered wood flooring with custom square noses. In a recent DIY project, creators showcased their step-by-step process to achieve a modern and cohesive look for their stairs.

The journey begins with the removal of old carpeting, a process involving the extraction of tack strips and staples. Once the carpet is cleared, the existing bullnoses on the OSB stair treads are removed to pave the way for the wood flooring.

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This intricate process includes using tools like circular saws, jigsaws, and oscillating multi-tools to achieve precise and clean results.

The installation of risers is a crucial step, using 1×8 primed MDF boards painted to match existing moldings. The creators emphasize the significance of a custom jig in ensuring accurate measurements for each step, underscoring the importance of precision in this part of the project.

The crafting of custom wood flooring square noses takes center stage, involving cutting, routing, and assembly using a locking miter router bit for enhanced strength. The final touch includes rounding the edges for a polished finish.

With the landing and stairs adorned with engineered wood flooring and custom square noses, the creators complete the project by installing quarter-round molding, leaving them delighted with the overall transformation.


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