Useful DIY Home Projects to Try This Year

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There are many projects to beautify and protect your home that you could consider. One DIY project that will do just that is installing vinyl siding. In this video, a presenter explains how to install new siding.

As explained by the presenter, actually installing the siding is just part of the process of making the structure warm and weatherproof. He takes you step-by-step through the process of stripping away the outside, preparing the inside, and actually putting on the siding.

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Towards the end, he also talks about how to work around special areas, such as doors and windows.

Keeping moisture out is critical in siding installation, and it’s an emphasis in this tutorial. The presenter shows how to ensure that all pieces overlap, and how to properly install the trim around the edges to seal the job. In fact, one of the sections of the video is dedicated to not siding, but rather how to build a water diversion system at the base of the structure so that the water that rolls off the siding doesn’t get inside the structure or underneath the siding.

Installing siding can appear to be a difficult task, but with the proper materials, tools, and knowledge, it’s something you can do yourself. This video serves as a thorough resource to walk you through the process.


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