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What Not to Do When Applying for a Green Card

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green card is one of the most sought-after documents for immigrants in the United States. It allows you a foreigner to reside and work permanently in the United States.

Green card applications can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be that way as long as you know which pitfalls to avoid. Here are common reasons green cards are denied and how you can prevent them.

Incomplete forms, signatures, and document translations

To secure a green card, you need to submit a series of government forms and supporting documents. Incomplete forms can easily disrupt your application and take away valuable time.

When you file a green card application, you need to provide documents to verify your identity. These include your bird certificate, marriage certificate, passport, visa, driver’s license, bank accounts, and others. If cases where an applicant is not from an English-speaking country, they’re required to translate their green card application documents into English and have translated files certified. Failure to do so can delay your application by up to six months.

Similarly, your application won’t be accepted unless you sign all your forms in the right areas. In some forms, it’s you, the applicant, who will affix your signature. Other times, it’s your sponsor or petitioner, or whoever’s indicated in the form. Always ensure the correct person is signing the proper form. Getting the wrong signature entails an automatic rejection.

Not getting professional help

The process of securing a green card is a tough and lengthy one. Attempting to do it by yourself increases your risk of making a mistake or overlooking an important detail. Remember, when it comes to immigration, the stakes are higher. A single mistake can cost you money and years of waiting before you could re-apply.

Immigration forms can be challenging to navigate, even for fluent English speakers. An immigration attorney can help you fill out the paperwork correctly and provide practical tips throughout your application.

The USCIS rejects thousands of applications annually. Getting the right help can save you from costly mistakes and ensure that no time is wasted.

Accidentally providing false information

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Unintentionally supplying the wrong details can be considered lying. If the U.S. government thinks that you are providing false information, you lose all chances of getting your green card approved. You may also receive a lifetime ban from entering the country. Double-check all the names, dates, locations, and background history you put on your application. Taking extra measures will save you from getting a bad record with the U.S. government.

Failure to meet deadlines

There are various deadlines you need to take note of when applying for a green card. There’s your application processing dates, interview schedule, visa expiration date, and the renewal deadline, which occurs two years after. Missing these deadlines can lead to hefty penalties and denied applications. It also suggests irresponsibility on your part, which isn’t a good look to the U.S. government. Remember, you’re still in the process of being a lawful permanent resident. One wrong move can affect your eligibility and, ultimately, your future.

Applying for a green card may be one of the most stressful ordeals you’ll ever face. But the right amount of patience and keen attention to detail will make the process a lot easier.

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