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Major Decision: Which College Major to Get

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Some students are now facing the difficult decision of choosing their college majors. After going through most of your time in school without taking things seriously,  you are suddenly being asked to take a life-changing path to a certain career far into the future. This decision can be intimidating because going to college in itself is an investment. You will pay to learn a certain skill set that you will someday try to use to earn for yourself. It will take most of your time and energy to build your profile for bigger prospects.

But first, you have to ask yourself certain things and find the real answers to guide yourself in this transition to a new chapter in your life. Looking at these factors may help you decide the kind of degree that you will ultimately take and make a career out of.


Apart from choosing your major, you will also have to think about the university that you will be applying for. Especially if this is a dream university of yours or an academic institution that holds a good reputation, you have to do your research and look into what this college can offer. An art or business school can offer many programs, but it may be that none of them is what you are looking for. The location and the costs of entering this university should also be driving factors to your decision.  These little things might matter only on the surface level, but they can still affect whatever major you will choose to take.

Career Advice

Consider career advice from industry professionals. Consulting people with experience in the major that you plan to take can help you see the kind of work you will do in the future. These people can tell you the difficulties as well as the achievements from taking a particular college major. They can also give you practical advice on how to overcome these struggles. Advice from your family and friends can be considered, but words from a professional may help you more in the long run.


Every one of us is good at something. These things that we do well can certainly be the path that we choose for our future. Whether these skills involve managing people, calculating numbers, crafting items, or designing things on paper, it can be a promising career for you if you make it work. Your current abilities will be nurtured in college, so choosing the right major for a specific skill will help you later.

Interests and Passion


The things you are interested in and are truly passionate about can factor into your decision to choose a major. Contrary to how some people say that you shouldn’t mix your hobbies with work, there is still that option of earning by doing what you love. This common advice against combining the two may be a precaution for those that will lose interest in their hobbies once the work becomes too much of a burden. But it can go the other way where you get to enjoy your work for life because that is where your passion lies.

Career Sustainability

Thinking about the sustainability of the career you may one day have is thinking for the long term. A sustainable career is one that can continue to serve the needs of the public no matter the circumstance. It can give you employment no matter how saturated the market is and may require you to develop skills as time goes by constantly. Deciding on your major based on this can give you an advantage over others in the future as you may be able to stay in your career even at an old age.


The possible income in your future job can also be a deciding factor. You can choose a career path based on how much the professionals in that industry are earning. We cannot deny that having good money can provide us with our needs, so this is a valid reason for choosing a major. But do not overthink it, or you may find yourself in a well-paying job that you hate.

Your degree will be a big part of you someday. The career path that you will choose might be a long and challenging process, but as you invest hard work and perseverance, you will find that everything you went through will be worth it. While working towards your goal, you may find yourself thinking that you made the wrong choice in choosing your major. Know that it is entirely acceptable to shift into another one but weigh your options well. A happy future can depend on your present decisions, after all.

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