Compelling Reasons to Join a Community Garden Project

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Building a good community does not happen overnight. It is often a joint effort of several groups, from people in the community to local organizations. These include the local government, non-profit organizations, faith-based groups, and private individuals. There are many activities that these groups do to bind a community together.

One project that adheres to this goal is a community garden. This is a piece of land cultivated by people living in one community. It could be as simple as vacant lots improved by collective efforts. It could also go as elaborate as transforming a disused local park to a blooming patch of land again. Neighbors and sponsors can even agree to some bigger details. A community garden could feature some installed composite fences and beautiful landscape designs. One might ask, is joining a community garden worth it? Here are some reasons that could convince anyone to try their hand at this venture.

Accessibility of Fresh Produce

For city dwellers, having their gardens may prove to be a challenge. Thus, even if they want to get fresh produce, they settle for store-bought crops instead. Joining a community garden would allow anyone access to fresh produce anytime. Growing your vegetables and fruits can encourage you to cook more. You would get excited to incorporate your harvest into the dishes that you make. This translates to a healthier lifestyle.

Some opt to plant flowers on their community garden plot. This move has its advantages as well. They can have access to fresh and thoughtful gifts for their loved ones. Their harvest could also be a source of income.

Enhanced Sense of Commitment

It is different when you start a garden at home against cultivating a plot in the community garden. There is an enhanced sense of commitment when you do the latter. When you do your gardening at home, you may find yourself slacking off at times. No one would hold you accountable if you do not water your plants or remove the weeds.

In a community garden, the zest of other gardeners could inspire you to develop your plot. You could also get some tips or hacks from co-gardeners when you encounter a challenge. When you are more knowledgeable about what you do, there would be a deeper sense of dedication.

Improved Mental Health

Being cooped inside your home could increase your level of stress. Responsibilities could leave you feeling overwhelmed and pressed for time. It would be best if you found a way to combat such negative emotions not to affect your mental health.

Community gardening allows you to commune with nature and with others. Seeing how plants have their seasons can remind you not to force things and slow down when needed. There is also something meditative with touching the earth and inhaling fresh air. Being with like-minded people can make you happy. These connections allow you to foster meaningful relationships. You may even find a mentor while tending to your plot.

Increased Sense of Security

Community gardens are great venues for you to get to know your neighbors. If you are new in the place, it is an excellent way to break the ice. Some people live in the neighborhood for a long time. But, they do not have the opportunity to meet others. Community gardens can help to develop trust among neighbors.

When people feel a sense of belongingness, they develop responsibility towards others. They are more agreeable to helping each other more often. They are also more likely to look out for their neighbors’ welfare. This greater sense of affiliation develops a safer feeling in the community.

Better Environment and Increased Value of Properties

Having a community garden helps to enjoy a cleaner environment. Instead of a disused land where pollution thrives, a beautiful garden can be in place. With a variety of plants in bloom, there would be cleaner air. People would also practice composting more for fertilizer use. Community gardens can also be home to some beneficial birds and insects.

An attractive communal place could attract the eyes of potential home buyers. Community gardens may even increase the value of nearby properties for sale. A seller could use this community feature as part of their unique offering to home buyers.

A community garden has various benefits that make it an interesting activity to try. By joining one, you can become a better version of yourself. You would see changes in your body, mind, and social connections. You would also find a greater contribution to the community you live in.

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