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Best Ways to Support an NGO

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Before you embark on your spiritual journey, you need to fulfill your role as a human being. And, the best way to do it is through an NGO. NGOs are non-governmental organizations that support a cause. It can be for orphaned children, seniors, disabled, animals, or victimized women. You can give back to society by serving the underprivileged and deprived. All else can come later because service to mankind is service to God.

You should support and promote an NGO near you, as it is a noble duty. You should empathize with these people rather than sympathize. Giving some food and clothes on any given day cannot provide them with sustenance. There are better ways to support and promote them for a more fulfilling life ahead of them.

Read about the ways you can do that by supporting one.

Arrange a Donation Drive

If you are interested in helping an NGO for a good length of time without rummaging through your funds, you can arrange donation drives. Most people do not pay any heed to NGOs that advertise all by themselves for funds. Many fraudulent activities occur that lead to such behavior on donors or the privileged. So, you can personally visit an NGO near you and find out about their credibility and background.

You can also organize a drive. Invite friends, family, and your community to come forward and donate various items of daily needs, books, toys, money, and whatever more they can. Apart from these, you can also tie up with multiple companies and involve them in Corporate Social Responsibility endeavors. It will provide the NGO with a continuous source of funds.

Tie Up With Healthcare Facilities

Most healthcare and medical manufacturing companies also have a wing that arranges free health camps. You will often find these companies donating medical aids in the form of walking sticks and glasses. If you are willing to contribute and support a nursing home or NGO for abandoned seniors, you can arrange a drive to distribute the back support brace. If you work somewhere, it is best to take a corporate approach. The aged frequently suffer from back pain. Like all of us, the old also need to enjoy their second innings, though away from home. There are many causes of lower back pain. They include trauma, herniated disc, or sciatica.

It will be a noble gesture for the healthcare company to provide such aids for the old. In the case of an NGO catering to young children, you can get tooth aligners, spectacles, and health supplements. Children who suffer from neglect and malnutrition often need these.

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Show Support on Social Media

If you follow an NGO on social media, it can mean a lot to them. It is a small gesture that can bring in huge returns. By liking and sharing the social media pages for NGOs, you can draw the attention of wealthy business people and celebrities willing to show support. You can also share their drives with your social media contacts. It will get them a lot of attention. It also creates awareness when you do so. Social media is a tool that can bring immense positive attention if done right. It is one prolific tool that can even get foreign aid.

Dedicate Your Special Occasion

You can celebrate your or your family member’s birthday or anniversary at an NGO. Announce the causeway ahead on social media or your friends and family. You can simply ask people to come to your birthday without gifts. Ask them to donate that amount to the NGO instead. It is a noble decision on your part to celebrate your special event in this manner. You can even post the picture of your celebrations on social media later and add a link for the NGO. Anyone amongst your invitees or your contacts may see that it is genuine and want to donate something.

Work as a Volunteer

You can also work as a volunteer for an NGO and offer services. If you are a professional, you can also provide your professional services complementarily. It can be anything like providing free education to the children or administrative or clerical support. It does not have to be a full-time service if you are already working elsewhere for your living. You can impart the services in your free time or holidays.

Apart from the above, the best way to propagate it is to talk about it. You can publicize the NGO by sharing information. Spread the good word and see all the support pouring in from various quarters. It will help you uplift some lives, and you will also reap the blessings in return. So, do it with your best energies.

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