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Community Building Amid the COVID-19 Crisis: Key Aspects to Consider

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There’s no denying how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted many aspects of our society. Not only has it posed a threat to public health and lives, but it has also affected livelihoods, jobs, finances, relationships, and even recreation.

Two years have passed since the first case of COVID-19 was reported. It’s good that most of us have somehow managed to cope with the pandemic. Some of us have already adjusted to the new normal. It appears that everything is gradually going back to normalcy.

As such, it’s about time to start rebuilding the communities. However, there are a few key aspects to consider when doing so. That said, here are factors to consider for your community-building amid the pandemic:

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1. Creating Space and Time

The pandemic restrictions could be hard at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. Consider the lockdowns, quarantines, and stay-at-home orders and how they have taken a toll on people’s physical and mental health. It is good that the pandemic restrictions have now become lighter. And with mass vaccination, people have started going outdoors. That said, now is the best time to create space and time for examining and rebuilding various community aspects. As a community leader, get everyone involved, from the business sector to community organizations to every family.

2. Resourcefulness and Creativity

There is no doubt how the pandemic has disrupted every community in different parts of the world. Local authorities had initially forced the closure of business establishments, schools, and public places. But if anything, the pandemic has brought out the best in people. Yes, people have become resourceful and creative. Think of online learning in education, e-commerce in business, and indoor recreation among families. It appears that these innovative and creative ideas will define the future of our society. As a community leader, take advantage of these and implement them in your locality.

3. Collaboration and Unity

It’s apparent how the COVID-19 crisis has spared no one. Every community member has been affected by the pandemic. As such, it has called for collaboration and unity among people. While the health and safety measures begin at home among family members, we have seen how people observe protocols outdoors. In addition, local governments have helped affected local businesses. These businesses have tried their best to suffice the people’s needs. Aside from our frontline health workers, we have also seen some volunteers. Hence, continue these collaborative and unified practices for community building in your jurisdiction.

4. Going Digital 

The pandemic restrictions have forced individuals and families to stay indoors. Consider adults working from home (WFH), children studying online, and entrepreneurs doing business via digital platforms. Think of local authorities and community leaders giving updates about the COVID-19 crisis via social media. Thanks to digital tools and technologies, they have made plenty of things plausible amid the crisis. What’s good about digitalization is that it redefines the future of business, education, work, communication, and even recreation. As community leaders and members, harness the power of digital tools and technologies.

5. Commitment to the Community

Community-building doesn’t only apply to local authorities and community leaders. It isn’t only the responsibility of the local government and local organizations. Everyone must get involved, from business owners to church leaders to individuals and families. For this reason, it’s vital to know what your contributions are. As an entrepreneur, offer goods or services that your local needs. As a member, consider volunteering and see how you can help in one way or another.

6. Sustainability

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, we don’t only focus on protecting public health and saving people’s lives. We also look forward to sustaining the various aspects, such as business, education, livelihoods, jobs, and even leisure. For instance, consider working with business succession planning consultants to see how you can ensure your business sustainability amid the threat of the coronavirus. In education, check to see how you can sustain online education during this pandemic and in the long run. As a community leader, support local businesses and provide jobs to your locals as well. All these practices can help push for sustainability in your community.

At this point, you now know what key factors to consider for your community-building during this pandemic. Be sure to factor in those crucial aspects mentioned above, from creating space and time to going digital to fostering sustainability. Whether a leader or member, take the responsibility to help rebuild your locality amid the crisis. When everyone has the same mindset working together as one, we all can rise above the COVID-19 pandemic.


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