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Five Common Challenges of Every Remote Worker

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So you want to start working remotely? Telecommuting indeed offers many attractive perks. You get to enjoy flexible working arrangements and still get paid wherever you choose to work from. You can spend more time with your family and travel as much as you like since you can take your work with you.

These are but some of the reasons many are now thinking about switching to this work setup. But like regular office jobs, working remotely has its challenges. Do you plan on transitioning to remote work soon? Then it pays to learn how you can address the following challenges:

Providing your own equipment

Some companies are generous enough to provide equipment for their staff, but not always. Not only will you be sending numerous applications online; you may also need to provide your own needed equipment.

The good news is that many computer shops online now offer installment loans. This means that you get to build your own PC and choose monthly payments that you can comfortably afford.

Staying competitive and relevant

Remote workers have to be proactive when it comes to learning. Some companies provide training for their remote workers. But for remote workers, you are expected to learn everything you need to know to work on the job on your own.

To snag better opportunities, you need to stay relevant and competitive. There are lots of courses available online, both paid and free, that can help hone the necessary skills you will need.

Staying productive

In an office setting, someone is constantly checking your progress and making sure that you get things done. In remote work, you are working on your own but are expected to finish everything on time. Since there are tons of distractions and temptations back home, you may find it hard to keep up and stay focused on your job.

What you need is to establish a routine and create a dedicated workplace. Explain to your housemates that you need fewer to no distractions during working hours.

Even introverts get lonely when working remotely

Sadly, the statement above is true. Introverts would rather be left alone doing their work in their own bubble. But even they can feel lonely due to the isolation remote work has to offer.

You have no boss or colleagues to talk to personally. Videoconferences are nowhere near physical interaction. The good news is that you can address this by changing your workplace whenever you feel lonely. Aside from libraries and coffee shops, you can take your work from home to coworking spaces to ease your feelings of loneliness.

It can be harder to network

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No matter your chosen career path, networking is a crucial part of your success. When it comes to remote working, you will find that it is harder to connect with influential people in your industry. Since you only work remotely, there are no personal networking opportunities.

Aside from relying on professional social media sites, you can contact past colleagues to recommend you to their connections. You can even join other groups or attend networking events related to your field to make connections.

These are just five challenges every remote worker needs to face. Not everyone can face such issues head-on and will find it hard to keep up with the norms of remote work. This shows that transitioning to telecommuting needs to be done not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. By learning how to face such challenges early on, you can decide on whether remote work is one thing you can handle.

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