How Do Roof Leaks Happen?

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Imagine sitting in your living room, watching television, when you suddenly hear a persistent pitter-patter, like tiny raindrops tapping on a drum. Then, you realize you have a leaking roof. You might wonder how these leaks happened. The YouTube video is a good place to start for information.

Roof Leaks Explained by a Roofing Business

One of the most common reasons your roof may develop a leak is due to age. Your roof needs regular maintenance because it will fix leaks before they happen and ensure you replace the roof before leaks develop.

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However, your roof materials will eventually degrade due to the elements, regardless of whether you have a good maintenance schedule.

Another culprit is poor installation. There are steps to ensure you hire a professional installation company with the necessary documents, experience, and expertise. In addition, the roofing company should offer a warranty on their work to ensure you can claim should you need to due to their negligence.

Furthermore, weather conditions, flushing problems, clogged gutters, condensation, and ice dams can all cause leaks in new or old roofs. Call a professional roofing company if you suspect your roof might be leaking.

There are various reasons your roof might develop a leak. The first two considerations are the age of the roof and its installation. Understanding the reason for the leak will help you develop a plan of action to restore it and call the right roofing business.


Your roof needs regular maintenance.

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