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How Software as a Service Companies are Helping People Get Through the Pandemic

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Ever since the pandemic started, people have increasingly become independent of SaaS solutions without even knowing it. If before, kids thrive with traditional learning, they are now learning out of school with the help of certain SaaS solutions. Many people are productive with remote work. Even ordinary consumers unknowingly increased their dependence on Software as a Service without knowing it. But what is SaaS anyway??

In a nutshell, SaaS or Software as a Service is a software delivery method that allows users to access data from virtually any device that has internet access. Due to the increasing demand for reliable and SaaS solutions mid-pandemic, many companies are now thriving. The fact that they are now leveraging a new client onboarding system allows them to give their users a great first impression and offer great customer satisfaction.


As we shelter in place, telehealth made healthcare possible and accessible to everyone without risking exposure to the virus. It is a cloud-based care delivery system where healthcare providers can reach patients who have transport or geographical concerns. With telehealth technology, healthcare providers can

  • provide advice to their patients
  • monitor their condition with the help of apps
  • check if in-person care, additional tests, or hospitalization is required
  • if a patient’s condition is improving or deteriorating

Remote Work

The pandemic accelerated the need for more companies to allow their employees to start working remotely. Thanks to numerous SaaS tools, remote workers can stay productive and communicate with their teams. One can even gain user insights and conduct performance analysis if their campaigns are effective or not.

Most remote teams make use of project management and collaboration software. This allows them to share data, assign tasks, make announcements, track productivity and deadlines, collaborate, and post notifications. Communication SaaS tools are also popular among remote workers that keep the communication going no matter the time and date.


Before, most people who are learning on the web are professionals who want to advance in their careers, international students learning abroad and kids enrolled in tutorial classes. With the pandemic, schools closed down and kids are now learning from home. Educational institutions continue to provide quality learning with the help of LMS or Learning Management Systems and other tools and apps.

Cloud LMS tools enable hosts to store pertinent data like grades, attendance records, modules, e-learning coursework, and educator professional evaluations. This enables administrators to provide and restrict access to the right individuals. It serves as a channel of communication between teachers and students, offering a high-quality learning experience to learners.

Streaming Services

person watching a television

As we spend more time indoors, we looked for ways to make the most of our time doing things we enjoy doing. Some turned to cooking and baking while others started gardening. But for most people, their use of streaming services surged during the crisis. People now use different streaming services to watch their favorite TV shows, movies, and series.

Netflix, for example, offers video streaming solutions to people who love to binge-watch during their free time. The company sells subscriptions for their software, allowing users to choose a plan and purchase a monthly or annual subscription plan. This allows users to stream on their preferred device, be it their smartphone, laptop, or TV.


Online shopping became rampant thanks to the pandemic. Health and safety concerns made consumers turn to online shopping instead of visiting brick-and-mortar businesses. Due to the pandemic, online shopping is expected to stay even after the crisis is over.

Now, more consumers are buying the things they need and want online. Some prefer well-known e-commerce giants while some stick to the brands they know. There are also those who are exploring new e-commerce stores that recently opened during the pandemic.

Many e-commerce business owners now make use of SaaS platforms in running their business. This is since it offers an out of the box solution to e-commerce businesses. One can easily set up and run their online store thanks to the prebuilt and customizable themes, product management solutions, and other useful functionalities.

With a SaaS e-commerce platform, the provider takes care of the site maintenance. You no longer have to worry about security and PCI compliance as the providers already got this covered. Integration is easy, scalability is possible, and the costs associated with investing in a SaaS e-commerce platform can be cost-effective.

Multiple industries now make use of SaaS solutions to provide better service to consumers. During the coronavirus outbreak, demand for services such as telehealth, e-commerce, remote work, e-learning, and streaming services are at an all-time high. With the help of SaaS companies, we can now enjoy a better online shopping experience and watch movies whenever we like. Remote work and e-learning are made more accessible and telehealth a go-to solution for patients and providers alike during a crisis.

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