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Advancing Good Community Habits

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Community formation is the foundation of a great nation. Ever since the dawn of man, societies thrived and survived on the backs of tightly-knit communities. Without groups of human beings coming together, we never would have reached the pinnacle of mankind. Paleolithic communities integrated hunting and gathering in their cultures to evenly spread out expertise and duties. They relied on each other as a society to survive.

Good communities are hard to come by these days. Even if there are plenty of people around, sometimes, one tends to feel so alone even while being in a large community.

The concept of the community has changed. Before, we used to rely on communities based on only utility. Now, we rely on communities based on utility and social survival. The mortality rate of those living alone is 15 years shorter than those who live in a community.

For better or for worse, participating and advancing the betterment of your community is a must. The more you have, the more you need to participate in the rearing of your community. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a working man, or even a university student, you can advance good community habits alongside your neighbors.

Promoting Good Health

Cultivating good eating and exercise habits in your neighborhood will advance your community life. Wellness starts inside the home. Pressing your local elective officials for community recreational parks and open spaces will incline everyone to move around more and exercise. Statistics show that once you give a group of people the avenue to participate in physical activities, they will grab the opportunity.

Organizing events involving physical contests with your neighbors will attract those who prefer to be shut-in but have an inclination to be competitive. It will also give everybody the chance to know their neighbors. A positive side effect of these events is that community interaction will be present. Every family will get to bond with each other.

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Small Businesses and Corporate Social Responsibility

Small businesses can also participate in advancing good community habits. Miniature versions of corporate social responsibility activities may be activated by small entrepreneurs through their business.

Corporate social responsibility is a mode that brands and coerces a company to be socially aware and accountable to the community. Small businesses are known for having family-like relationships with all their workers. Similar to these tightly-knit businesses, advocating healthy labor relations amongst those who work in larger companies within your neighborhood will empower them to stand for their rights.

In communities where there is a majority of blue-collar residents, the services of a workers compensation lawyer being available in your community will greatly help them in their daily labor relations battles. Promoting grievance mechanisms through educating your neighborhood workers will enable them further.

Random Acts of Kindness

Your time and energy can go a long way. Children do not merely learn through the academic system. There is a Japanese anecdote involving rearing children in the community. They believe that even if no one is looking, everybody has to follow the rules. It is because even if you think no one is looking, a child might be. They say that it takes a whole community to raise a child. By setting an example and doing random acts of kindness, your community will grow.

By making your rounds within the neighborhood and along with the other members of your community, you will promote good deeds to the community’s youth. Deeds such as picking up the trash or doing small deeds of service for the elderly will further enrich and enshrine good acts to the youth. Volunteering in a senior living facility will also be a great activity for everyone involved.

Prioritizing the Environment

Organizing nature-focused events will remind everyone in the community to always take care of their environment. Tree planting activities are essential to enrich nature around your neighborhood.

Aside from the fact that trees help in the problem of air pollution, encourage wildlife to return to their natural habitat. Combing your neighborhood’s entire forest for trash is a fun activity you can do with your entire neighborhood. It will also promote some form of exercise with others.

You can also encourage recycling by raising awareness inside your community. Non-biodegradable materials usually take thousands of years to erode. Reusing these materials will help reduce the amount of trash we return to the environment.

Participating in advancing the community is an activity everyone must do to further enrich their lives. Without the community, life would be meaningless. Promoting good health habits, encouraging corporate social responsibility through health labor relations, doing random acts of kindness, and taking care of the environment are just some activities you can do to help advance the state of your community.

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