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How to Engage Youth in Community Service

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The youth is considered the hope of the future. To ensure the future is bright, it’s important to lay down the proper foundations to allow them to chart their destiny. To build these foundations, it’s also essential to develop self-esteem and confidence among the youth.

One way to develop these traits is to engage them in community activities to help others. Any involvement helps them develop character, which also allows them to become resilient.

Become Role Models

One way to engage the youth is to show them. When there’s an adult who acts as a role model for them, it’s easier for them to participate in community service activities. It is important for adults, particularly parents, to understand their role in a young person’s life. Aside from being a parent, they should also lead by example. So, parents and other adults in the lives of young people should practice what they preach.

It doesn’t matter if a family is spiritual or not. What’s important is the young ones see things are being done the way they’re supposed to be done. So, if they see their parents volunteering for community service, they’ll be more inclined to do the same. But the parent shouldn’t force the child. The motivation to get involved should be intrinsic or come from the child rather than someone else.

Encourage Involvement

Even as adults shouldn’t force a child to get involved, they should encourage them while they’re young. The encouragement shouldn’t be limited to community activities since the child may want to join a school club or learn a sport. Encouraging them rather than stopping them is good for their personal development. Their interest level will also increase if their friends are also joining the activities they enjoy doing.

While it’s good to encourage them, it’s also important to take the child’s personality into account. If the child is quiet and reserved, bringing a close friend to an activity will encourage them to join. Some children are also natural-born leaders. With these types of children, they can be encouraged to lead other children who are younger than them. Just make sure to provide proper guidance while they’re performing any activity.

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Help Them

Some children may already be interested in helping out or getting involved in community activities but are anxious about it. Joining some activities as a family allows children to build self-confidence. These activities may be as simple as joining a photography club or something as big as helping out in the community kitchen.

In these instances, the child still needs someone to guide him. So, you should be there to provide them the guidance they need until they’re ready to join activities on their own. Even as you guide them, continue encouraging them and try to stay in the background as much as possible. Let them develop their personality.

Use Their Talents

The youth of today are quite advanced in terms of their talents and skills. For instance, the youngest Microsoft Office Professional comes from Birmingham, England. He was only six years old when he earned the certificate. Encouraging children to use their talents and skills to help the community also builds their self-esteem.

Children with these special skills can even help the community build a website for fund-raising activities. Once the website is up, they can increase awareness for the community and raise funds for their activities. They can also contact professionals offering SEO services to help the website increase its visibility online. When the children know that they were a part of this project, they will feel more confident and may continue their involvement in the community.

Listen to Them

The youth can also be great resources when it comes to community planning. Despite their age, they can also contribute to the planning process since they can give adults a different perspective on the project. While it’s understandable for adults to dismiss their contributions, the youth may have ideas that adults have not considered, particularly when it comes to the younger population’s concerns.

Additionally, listening to their ideas is also a good way for them to develop their character. They will become more empathetic and may continue to contribute to their community when they become adults. So, it’s best to allow them to contribute and participate in the planning process of community activities. They should also be encouraged to give their inputs about these plans, especially when it concerns children of their age.

Even as the youth of today are considered as the hope of the future, they should be given a chance to get involved in community activities. These activities will develop their character and allow them to gain the confidence they need to become responsible adults.

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