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How to Reduce Product Returns on Your Online Shop

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It is becoming evident that many traditional stores are switching to online selling. As we keep moving further into the digital world, the demand for online shopping also increases. And just like other businesses, e-commerce can also have a major drawback.

Because consumers cannot see the actual item, the product return rates can be high. This can have a significant effect on business. But with these useful tips, online retailers can avoid this and keep customers satisfied.

1. Package in the correct manner

Statistics show that online customers return the items because they arrive damaged or defective. The fact is, once your item leaves your warehouse, you will have little control over the shipment. They might sit under bigger and heavier packages.

But through the use of protective coverings such as bubble wraps or poly bubble mailers, you can prevent your products from getting damaged. They provide an extra layer of cushion, keeping your products safe during transit.

Don’t hesitate to include delivery instructions, particularly for fragile items such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

2. Post accurate representation of your items

As an online retailer, be responsible enough to provide accuracy for the products you sell online. When the product delivered to the customer is different from the image posted on the website, you will receive complaints.

Invest in a 360-degree product image so the customers can see it from different angles and perspectives. Also, enable zoom-in features so your customers can take a closer look at the photo.

Most importantly, make the images viewable on mobile devices. We are now in the era of IoT, and smartphones can drive more traffic than laptops and desktops.

3. Use videos for remote selling

Videos are effective content marketing strategies that are proven to boost conversion rates by up to 80%. They can convey loads of information in a short presentation. Besides, customers today prefer watching videos to reading long posts.

Showcasing your clothing lines through videos allows the customers to see the garment fit and flow. For electronics, videos couldn’t be a better way to demonstrate how the gadget works.

If you don’t have any experience in making product videos, look for DIY tutorials to create great and effective presentations.

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4. Provide accurate and detailed product descriptions

With excellent and compelling product descriptions, you can stand out from your competitors. This should include relevant information, such as features, specifications, and prices. Basically, everything that your product has to offer. But avoid exaggerating as this can backfire on you.

Ensure that the person responsible for the copy is knowledgeable about the item. With accurate and detailed product descriptions, you can generate more sales and prevent post-purchase dissonance.

5. Review sizing information

Sizing issues have always been a problem with online shopping. In fact, 40% of product returns are due to incorrect sizes. This is most common in clothing and footwear. Because customers cannot really try the items on, choosing a size has always been a gamble.

Online sellers can easily prevent this by providing accurate sizing charts for different brands and categories on their website. Don’t assume that a single sizing chart can cover all products, a size 8 for one brand could mean a size 10 for the other.

Also, if you ship worldwide, always use and refer to the international conversion to determine your customer’s size at an international standard.

6. Provide live chat assistance

Live chat support enables you to quickly address the customer’s inquiry, increasing your conversion rate. For instance, when the product specifications fail to meet the customer’s expectations, your team can immediately suggest a better alternative. Just ensure that your customer service support has all the necessary tools to provide accurate product information to customers.

7. Ask for customer reviews

Review and feedback give you more insights about your products. Through them, you can learn how your products perform in the market and how they work in the real world. As a business owner, you should be open both to negative and positive comments. The former can help you improve your products. You can dedicate a section on your website for testimonials to encourage your customers to leave a review.

Also, search engines are now starting to use reviews now in determining website ranking. So if your website has an excellent rating, the chances of it getting on the first page of Google are high.

Indeed, running an online store can be hard work, but we have to adjust to changes. By doing best practices, you sure can keep up with customers’ demands.

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