Changes You Can Start to Make Your Community Sustainable

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A community teeming with opportunities is ideal for raising a family, but jobs aren’t the only essential factor a healthy community must have. Aside from opportunities, it’s also vital for your neighborhood to be safe and clean for its residents to thrive truly. Beautifying your area is another factor that can make it look better, and when you take your upgrades to the next level, you make your town pleasing to the eye and a safe place for everyone.

To make the necessary changes when shifting towards a healthier community, you must switch to eco-friendly practices. There are plenty of benefits of environmental-friendly practices, such as less pollution and reduced living costs. To turn your whole community into eco-warriors, let the below suggestions be your guide.

Water Upcycling

If you have access to clean water, you’re one of the few who does not have to think day by day about getting safe drinking water. Sadly, though water is a human necessity, not all the world’s population has access to it. Aside from the scarcity of clean water in some parts of the globe, water pollution is also a serious matter that needs quick solutions.

As part of your community, you can do your share by conserving water and even upcycling it. Rainwater farms and greywater recycling systems are usual methods of large-scale water upcycling. Still, you can also start small by collecting the rainwater from your downspout or reusing the water you use for your cooking or washing.


Waste is a big part of the problem contributing to the issue of climate change. Most wastes take hundreds of years or longer to decompose. To speed up the process, discarded products often end up in landfills that emit methane gas and carbon dioxide, which are detrimental to the earth.

The key to winning the fight against global warming begins with easy and simple steps. The three Rs of waste management is something that the general population knows. By reducing, reusing, and recycling, you already prevent waste from ending up in landfills. A way to make waste into something beneficial to the planet is by turning food waste into compost. By recycling organic wastes as a compost pile, you create a healthy fertilizer that you can use for your neighborhood’s community garden.

Choosing Cleaner Energy Sources

Most of the planet’s electricity comes from power sources that emit greenhouse gases which are the main contributors to global warming. A large part of the world uses fossil fuels to power up their cities, but this is extremely harmful to the environment. Even if you’re just a tiny community, you can still create a significant impact by starting a movement and leading the shift to cleaner energy sources.


Popular renewable power sources like solar, wind, and hydro energies are cheaper and cleaner compared to fossil fuel, helping your community save up plenty of funds that you can use for other neighborhood-enhancement projects. You can also try hydrocarbon remediation processing by Vivakor to rehabilitate polluted soils and turn them into other materials, like oil, which you can use to fuel the machines you use in your city.

Promoting Other Commuting Methods

Greenhouse gases are the primary catalyst that is worsening the global warming issue. These harmful gases not only come from specific power sources and landfills, but the vehicles you use to reach destinations also produce them. Fortunately, cars that do not use fossil fuel are now around. However, they still haven’t reached the mainstream market.

For now, your community can help mitigate the effects of climate change through green commuting. For instance, you can promote bike rides by creating a safe bike lane around your town or encourage mass transportation like buses or carpooling to lessen the number of cars on roads. By introducing other commuting methods to locals of your neighborhood, you minimize your carbon footprint and help them lead a more active lifestyle.

Using Eco-Friendly Items in Establishments

Most wastes come from commercial establishments like restaurants and other shops. It’s understandable why some businesses opt to use single-use products like plastic cutlery, cups, and straws, considering that these products are easy to discard, reducing the amount of work personnel need to accomplish.

Fortunately, now that the world is more aware of the effects single-use products have on the environment, they have innovated other eco-friendly materials to reduce their use of plastic. If the establishments in your area have yet to make eco-friendly changes, it’s high time for you to step up and urge them to use other materials, like paper and bamboo.

Taking care of the environment falls on everyone’s hands, but a small group of people must exert effort for a movement to start. With time, your small acts to save the environment can grow big and create significant changes in your community.

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