Remote Work for New Parents: 10 Ideal Stay-at-Home Jobs

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If you’re a proud dad or mom to a newborn, you want nothing else in this world than to be with your adorable bundle of joy 24/7. Unfortunately, as much as you’d like to stay at home and be with your baby, you have to work to provide for your baby’s needs.
Wouldn’t it be great to just work from home so you can earn and still take care of your newborn?
Yes. There are tons of online work available for everyone in the country, from New York to Texas to Utah. From search engine optimization specialists to travel agents, from bookkeepers to customer service representatives, tons of remote work are waiting for those who prefer to work from home.
The good news is there are lots of companies now that offer remote jobs that are suitable for new parents. This way, you get to spend as much time with your little angel and still provide for the family.
We have listed below some work-from-home opportunities that are suitable for your situation:

10 Online Remote Jobs for New Parents

1. Web Developer and Programmer
In today’s digital age, there is no shortage of programming and coding jobs. As businesses continue to digitize their brands, the demand for web developers and programmers continue to rise.

2. Graphic/Web Designer
Along with web developers and programmers, graphics and web designers are some of the most in-demand positions that companies are looking to fill in.

3. Product Manager
With all the advances in technology, managing and overseeing teams are a lot easier. Product management can now be done in the comfort of your own home with the help of tools and video conferencing.

4. Freelance Writer
Whether you’re a ghostwriter, a content writer, or a copywriter, writing is a pretty stable gig, so long as you get connected to the right people and company. You can work anywhere for as long as there is a decent internet connection.

5. Editor or Proofreader
An editorial position is something you can look into, especially if you have great attention to detail and you lack the creativity required of writers.
While these roles require your full attention and a quiet environment — which could be a bit of a concern especially with the baby around — it can be remedied. You just need to learn how to manage your time well.

6. Transcriptionist
If you have great listening skills and fast fingers for typing, look into becoming a transcriptionist. All you need to do is listen to audio recordings and podcasts and type out everything you hear. Simply make sure you get a pair of good headphones so you don’t wake the baby.


7. Teacher or Tutor
This line of work is handy, especially when the time comes that your child goes to school. The training and experience you will get as an online teacher will greatly benefit your child as you can help guide them in building a great set of study habits and work ethics.
Whether you choose to teach K-12 online public schools or just tutor online, the amount of work you put in will determine how much money you make. Regardless, teaching is one of the noblest professions known to man.

8. Online Marketer
In light of companies and brands transitioning to the digital platform, content marketers are now more valuable than ever. SEO specialists, content or email marketers, and online marketing specialists now have a wide array of tools and software they can use to market brands and increase their presence online.

9. Social Media Specialist
Like online marketers, social media specialists can help manage and facilitate different companies’ social media accounts and campaigns. If you’re heavily into social media and know all there is to know about the medium, then you have a pretty good shot at this.

10. Life/Health Coach
One of the best things about this job is you can do this at your own time. On top of helping other people become better versions of themselves and improve their lives, you get to spend as much time with your baby as you would like.

Whichever job you choose, the most important job you will ever have will be as a father or mother to your child. Raising children is hard work and requires a lot more time and energy than your career demands. Never shortchange your child by letting them take a backseat to your job. Keep in mind that you’re holding down a job as one of your responsibilities as a parent. Your primary role is to nurture your child to grow into a responsible and good human being.

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