The Warning Signs An AC Contractor Looks For

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An AC unit needs regular servicing to function properly. But even with routine care, that unit could still malfunction. These signs can help homeowners know what to look for because they’re what an AC contractor looks for.

It’s Old or Noisy

With age comes problems. A unit will become less energy efficient over time, and certain components will wear out over time.

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An AC unit shouldn’t make any noise. If a person is starting to hear it clank or make another sound, it may indicate a loose or failing component or another issue. That’s why when an AC contractor arrives at a home, they’ll listen to the system, which can help them determine the source of the problem.

Unit Is Cooling Differently

A unit may be experiencing problems if there are changes in how it cools. It may not cool as adequately, for instance. The homeowner may experience warm spots because the unit didn’t cool the entire area. Sometimes, the unit may not cool at all and will instead blow out hot air.

As a homeowner, a person should look for these signs. They’re the ones an AC contractor will look for when they arrive to assess the unit. They can indicate either the unit needs a repair or the homeowner may need to replace it entirely.


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